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I can definitely recommend a Vortex Viper PST Gen2 FFP or a Nightforce F1 SHV. A real step up in glass, turrets, and reticles. Both pushing the $1000 mark if rings/mounts are added.

Hey Quoddy,

Do you own both the Vortex and Nightforce? If so, what's the closest distance you've used them at? I've been looking at both, and I've read bits here and there about the Vortex being usable at distances closer than its minimum parallax adjustment of 20 yards. I occasionally take hunting shots at 10-15 yards and while I'd love to upgrade to some nice glass, I'd like to be sure I still have a rifle/optic I can use for those close shots when they come up.

I owned, and just sold the Vortex Viper PST FFP 3-15×44 to help defray the cost of a new Nightforce ATACR 4-16×42 F1. The Vortex is a great scope and was a world above the Hawke 30 Sidewinder I had before it. At lower magnifications it was fine below 20 yards, but I seldom shoot at shorter ranges. I, briefly, used the Nightforce SHV 4-14×50 F1 and found the sight pattern and glass to be fantastic, the turrets being almost on a par with the Vortex. I didn't shoot it below the 25 yard minimum parallax, but I see no reason why, at lower magnifications, it wouldn't be fine.