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I started off with on lower end pcp such as Hatsans.  My first few shot great (what I thought was great), so I decided to stick with them.  Then all a sudden I got one that shot like crap. Then I had one with mechanical issues, then got frustrated, and bought a new high end Edgun.

  Let me tell there is a night and day difference between high and low.  You can't see it on the surface but once you spend time with both for a while, it is obvious.  

My Edgun Lelya cost $1700 and my fist Hatsan $500.  For most people a $1200 dollar difference is not worth extra expense.  Both can hunt fine. ( most of the time.) But…if your the type of person who losses sleep over missed or wounded animals, and lay a wake wondering why you missed, it gives you a piece of mind knowing it was YOUR fault (either missed calculatations or unsteady hand) and NOT the gun.  For me, it is worth ever penny.