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I agree with most of the replies, the original poster is right, I have 2 luck of the draw with a Kral Puncher Breaker bullpup, straight out of the box it was deadly acurate but trigger is creap, also the power/speed wasn't what I expected, so, polish the trigger, changed the spring and adjusted the hammer spring to shoot JSB's 15gr to 920fps, hole in a hole @ 30/40mts, I also have a China P15, small, light and compact, very nice little gun, at first, I was a bit concerned because some of the guys that I know had one, was complaining about acuracy, for my surprise, ity was spot on out of the box, just a bit too loud for my liking, easy fix. Some guys down here in SA, don't like them due to accuracy issues or this and that,

My, perferct, to adjust trigger, cost nothing, its about how you like the trgger to be, hammer spring, is just a few turns.

Then I bought a Zbroia Kozak, straight out of the box, light trigger, smooth cocking action, super accurate, myself and a friend went to the range, he with a brand new Impact and me with the unfder dog Zbroia, he couldn't group well at al @ 50mts, my Zbroia, almost hole in a hole at same distance. A $2000 Impact started leaking, as we all know, the wasn't a Impact owner that didn't have to tune, adjust or send it back for a repair, the a little China gun never gave me trouble or issues with accuarcy, leaks etc. the Kral accuyrate as any $2000 gun, the Zbroia, well, indoor shooting @ 100mts, my best 10 shot group was just over a 1". Yet yes, a high end gun it's nicer, better finishes, better parts but sometimes the luck of the draw is on your side and you just pay cheap and get ahell of your gun as just as a top $$$ ones.