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Good replies gents.  The one thing that still goes pretty much unanswered is how can a cheapie gun's barrel often shoot as good as the top quality ones.  It has been suggested to compare the results beyond 50 yards and a number of videos do just that.  They actually do keep up with the big boys.  Barrel manufacturing is not a simple process.

This video shows 125 yard results.  Yes, it shows two less than stellar shots, but that could be the pellet or the shooter as well as the gun.  The rest of the shots were quite good.

Gauntlet at 125 yards

This one shows a playing card being split at 100 yards on the first shot.

Splitting a card

I too love the quality and beauty of the Daystate.  There is no comparison between the Gauntlet and the higher priced guns in that category and the consistency of shooting results follows the expensive guns in that you stand a better chance of getting a winner when you invests the bucks.  It still surprises me that the barrels can even be close between the two.  When all other factors are discounted, the barrel is what ultimately makes the pellet go straight.

All the mods I did to my Gauntlet don't even come close in price to what the Daystate set me back.  That is not a factor.  They were less than $100 by a good amount.