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I initially got a lemon – seems like the CNC machine went off whack while it was being made – magazine could twist quite a ways while inserted into the gun and the barrel, liner and probe appear to have been out of alignment.

Cleaned the liner on delivery. No adjustments beyond hammer spring and transfer port. Chronied dead on 880 with 18gr. Shot about 500 pellets including 16, 18 and 25gr jsb, plus some H&n – all gave a 10inch or so spiral by 40-50yards.

Pushed some pellets through the liner with a plastic rod – no overt damage, but the breech end of the liner seemed pretty tight. No damage from the mag. Transfer port perfect. I did notice that the forward stroke of the cocking lever was more 'ratchety' than expected when the pellet passed into the liner itself.

Anyway took it in yesterday and credit to our dealer, Airgun Warehouse (south africa) they immediately swapped out the gun, and took it outside for me to test and ensure the new one was okay. Felt like a completely different gun – all the mechanical ratchety-ness was gone and its an absolute laser ???

Speaking of the magazine slot machining… On the old gun the mag fit quite comfortably -1mm clearance -under the (bulging bit that holds the turrets and parallax adjustment – totally spaced on the name ?) with warne 34mm high picatinny mounts and small 11mm to picatinny risers. On the new gun you can't even get the mag 70% of the way in with the scope in the same position before it bumps up against it and can't go any further. Had to change mounts completely. I've got to wonder if that wonky tolerance wasn't present throughout the breech block?


Anyway looking forward to shooting up a storm with the new one! Hope it's trouble free ???