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Howdy RAW owners and Creatures of the forum, I’m just catching up on things here, it’s been real hot and humid and we have had some real bad weather here so I haven’t been shooting but I have been busy talking with the power company about running power onto my property plus I’m going to have them install a generator back up system at my home so I won’t have to keep moving mine outside starting it and then hooking it up when we loose power, getting to old for that, also I have talked with the Septic guy, Land and Resources and the Township Board getting my new property all ready for the changes to come, I finally got the ok to build my 30 x45  pole shed so that’s off the to do list now I just need to get a few loads of class 5 dumped for floor and a access driveway and this will also give me the extra distance to shoot 125 yards now so that’s a big plus also.

Nice Avatar Pic Craig, now we’ll all have to put ties on and do the same thing hahaha j/k. Respectable for sure.

Wife gave me the ok to buy a Kabota B2650 with some attachments as long as I do the down payment which will be nice being I’ll be able to make some changes to my shooting lanes which will be nice, so I’ve been keeping busy despite this weather but as soon as it settles down I’ll be back at the bench shooting my RAWs plus others, can’t wait till I get real power out there then I can move my AV compressor out there and not worry about running out shooting my big bores. Talk later..