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I have a WC .25 with an FX 4-stage hand-pump. Topping off the bottle is a chore, but it's not that bad. Of course, I generally don't shoot her down to 150 bar before fully charging to 230 bar. (I wish I had a time period and stroke count for ya, but I don't keep track of those metrics.) I usually fill my baby while multi-tasking watching TV or surfing the Web. If the WC is the only AG you have, and you already have a 4-stage hand-pump, I wouldn't invest in a tank. I'm saying this not from a cost standpoint, but from a practical standpoint. (A high-end 4-stage hand-pump costs almost as much as a tank.) Having a tank isn't a panacea. I live in San Diego, which is dive shop Nirvana. One would think that getting your tank filled here would be e breeze. WRONG, oh moose breath!  Filling a tank is a loss-leader just to get you in the store. Dive shops hate to fill non-SCUBA tanks because there is little chance that they will make a dive-related sale. After about three or four times of my local dive shop failing to top off the tank and taking several days to get around to it, I bought a tank and compressor. But, this was only because, at the time, I had a RAW .357; and a hand-pump was out of the question. But since I sold the RAW, the only AG I have is my WC; and a hand-pump is just fine and much more convenient. If you do spring for a tank, I would still keep your hand-pump in case you have issues getting your tank filled.