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Hi Hampton, I've been hand pumping for years, I have two Hill Mk4's and I fill my .25Wildcats 300cc cylinder almost every day.  Depending where the pressure is when you start, from 140b to 230b, I go in 50 to 60 pumps at a time than open the bleed valve to clear water than let pump cool for a few minutes, I don't pump too fast, it usually takes me about four of these cycles, 230cc tank would be even easier, I pump my Bobcat 470cc and a 500cc bottle gun, usually top off after short shooting sessions, I'm 63 and I love the workout.  Including getting the pump out, filling, then putting the pump away, easy 20minutes for the 300cc cylinder, it can be done faster but its hard on pump seals, the actual pumping isn't what takes the time its the cooling.  The idea of harvesting air as a propellant just using a hand pump appeals to me. Enjoy your Wildcat!!!!!