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Hi @bob_o, I think you have the STX barrel on your WC if I’m not mistaken? From what I’ve seen and read, that barrel “acts” more like the LW Poly barrel, in that it allows higher speeds with the same pellets compared to LW or ST barrels, yet still retains accuracy – and results in a significantly higher BC. I would think with that barrel you can easily go to 950 FPS, even higher, and still maintain long distance accuracy. Ernest has said that he is testing a new STX .22 slug barrel, and testing has shown accuracy at 95 yards with speeds in excess of 1000 fps (1020 to 1030 fps) with the .22 JSB 18.1 grain pellets. This is totally contrary to everything we currently know about those pellets losing accuracy at over 915 to 920 fps in standard LW or in ST barrels. So check it out, and let us all know? ;)