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Thanks Alejandroo.

I guess the only way to know is to try it.  

I would back the regulator down from 150 to 145bar if I wasn't nearly maxed out on my HS already and have max fps on the 34gr pellets at 848fps.   I don't want to lose the accuracy I'm currently getting with the 34gr.  If I drop the reg to 145bar, I will lose 25fps on the 34gr pellets and that puts me just below the low end for stability with that weight.

My thought was if the 25gr increases 100fps that would put me around 950fps.  If I then back the HS adjustment out 1/2 turn, that should give me a drop of roughly 25 fps.  Though it may not be an ideal setting for the regulator at 150bar.   If I can get out to the range today I'll see how things go.

It may or may not make a difference, but I'm running the SmoothTwist X barrel liner.