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on my first shoot barrel oring destroyed.

my first bad luck. So I changed it with extra one.

Today I bought new orings for barrel. I dont want it fail during use.

So I used corno and it shoot jsb 18.13 up to 303 m/s or 54 joules.

my second bad luck start there. When I started shooting accuracy was terrible.

So first thing came to my mind was the pellet speed. So I decressed it to 280 and it became better.

At short range bobcat was better but for long range impact is way better.

Cricket was the most reliable and serviceable gun that I had and see.

the worst one is impact. Easily broke, hard to repair.

My last bad luck was I found bottle manometer shows 20 bar more than actual pressure.

I will share fx bobcat partlist in this topic when I get home.