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@msurf, yes, definitely water inlet on bottom and outlet on top. This keeps the void full of water no matter how fast the pump is operating. Also, make sure that the compressor oil is 100% synthetic, some of the Lowe's Kobalt compressor oil is a synthetic blend. Thanks for the video! Which model Coltri compressor do you have?

Thanks Centercut!  As stated in my last reply I am certainly not an expert.  I just looked and you are correct, it is ISO 100 synthetic BLEND.  Well, I guess Ill have to use the Chemlube 751 I have sitting in the shop next round.

I have a MHC6 that completely locked up…bought it for $80 on Craigslist. It was super crusty!  Trying to avoid having to buy a new case, as a cylinder stud broke and the extraction process is at a halt to avoid further frustration.