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Uh, it's something new to me… Even seller at my local authorized Hatsan shop said the adjuster regulates hammer spring tension, but can't explain how it extacly works… 
Yes, shrinking the transfer port seems more logical way to me, as it's very hard to get repeatable results to precise regulate hammer spring with some wheel…

I've watched some movies at youtube where the guy disassembled Hatsan Gladius, but it was UK version. Too bad UK version is crippled badly due to local law, and there's no power adjuster at all. UK version has also anti-tamper installed to prevent adjusting the hammer spring to get more than 16 joules pellet energy.

In polish version, only valve pin is thicker to limit power to 17 joules, but when you replace pin to FAC version and register the airgun at nearby police station, you're fine :)

Thanks for your reply :)