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You have mentioned in the video that hydraulic oil should not be used.  Can you share your experience with this kind of oil when used in the compressor ?


I am sure this is a can of worms…oil discussions always are.  My reasoning is simply the compressor oils are specifically designed to mitigate carbon buildup and dissipate heat  and maintain lubricity without breaking down.  I believe some hydraulic oils are mineral oil and water based as well.  There is probably enough science/engineering out there to explain the intricacies as I am certainly not an expert.  I personally would not want to run the wrong oil in my machinery…say mineral oil in my ATV.  

Additionally,  I am rebuilding a Coltri scuba compressor, and they have very specific recommendations on oil, and not their own brand..some of this may be due to "breathability" , but the literature does mention the specific temp and lubrication proprieties ans well.