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If you have a look on the website from spysir's link, there is a model that looks exactly the same as yours. It has an orange housing but the plumbing is the same. The specs on it's page say that is only rated for 3000 PSI. Yours may have a higher output rating. Quite a few companies claim to manufacture these things but are more likely just trading companies. A few tips that may or may not help your unit run a bit cooler. The inlet hose goes on the bottom fitting and if you lift the water bucket up level with the compressor, the submersible pump will be a lot more efficient. They are only a cheap aquarium unit with a maximum head of about one metre. There is also a choke on the water pump that should be wide open. 

Thanks you for the information.  Yes, I found the compressor spysir mentioned on alibaba, seems it is a trading company.  That is the only thing I have found regarding this compressor.


I was wondering about the water hook up…either top or bottom.    The little door was wide open, and I will relocate the bucket next time.  Thanks!