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I’ve never heard any crack or odd sound when a spring breaks. The give away that sometimes is amiss is loss of power or odd noises when the gun is cocked.  

I have the ARH kit in my hw97k and have been very pleased with how it shoots.  Mine is at about 12.5fpe. 

How often do they break?  Can I do anything to avoid?


Broken springs are pretty rare.  I’ve put between 80,000-100,000 shots through my hw97k, pro sport and R7s and have only had two broken springs.  Once in an R7 with a Vortek kit that boosted power to about 7.5fpe and once in the pro sport with another Vortek SHO kit.  But each of those kits gave me more than 15,000 shots so I can’t really complain.  After putting 12fpe kits (ARH in the hw97k and Vortek in the pro sport) into my hw97k and pro sport I have yet to see a broken spring after 20,000+ shots.  On an absolute basis, spring longevity is excellent and springs are cheap (i.e., $15-20) and easy to replace when necessary.

Best way to avoid a broken spring is to never dry fire the gun (i.e., shoot it without a pellet in breech).  Keeping the power down probably helps a bit too, although if you want more power you’re still likely to get 10,000 shots or more.