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Well, I will be paying attention to where this discussion goes. I just received a used R5M from another forum member (no complaints towards him). I was able to sit down with it at the range for several hours on Saturday and it looks like this one has some need for tinkering. I was told it was set up with a Huma regulator for a power tune with the 34gr. pellets, but it was running low and erratic velocity with the 25gr. JSB's. Prior to going to the range I had it out of the stock and adjusted the HST to get it running at 910fps and the velocity seemed to become more consistent. I didn't chrono at the range, but trying several weights up to the 31gr Barracuda (I didn't have any 34's to test), I just kept having issues with the groups suddenly opening up at 50yds. I was settled in firmly on the bags and had adjusted the trigger for a cleaner and consistent break, but I would send one downrange with confidence that I made a clean shot and I would see the pellet land well outside what was more or less a group. There was a consistent wind and it didn't affect my shooting of my other rifles other than doping for the drift. My plan is to tear it down to parade rest and carefully check all of the components, I may even re-install the factory regulator to establis a baseline. It was a bit vexing to have this rifle show poorly against a tired Theoben Rapid, a de-tuned Leshiy and a Chinese P15. I put somewhere north of 400 pellets through it and functionally it was a pleasure to shoot, but for some reason it was erratic and needs a bit of love. This will be an interesting learning experience. :)


JWilson: My rifle is most likely from the same batch as yours since the serial number is slightly lower, so I will be paying attention if mine shares any similar quirks.