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If we are going to talk about springers, we would be remiss to not mention the Air Arms TX200 air rifle.  But it comes with a price of about $630.  There is a reason why it is known as "The Winningest Field Target springer air rifle", and competition results back it up.  

I also like Diana air rifles.  I have owned two Diana/RWS rifles (purchased back in the 1980s), the model 48 and 52.  They were great rifles.  There has been some concern recently, with Diana's manufacturing being moved to China, I am still waiting on more data before I can make a good judgement on that issue. 

I normally will not endorse magnum springers for doing super accurate target shooting, my posting earlier was simply to show that a cheap magnum springer, which is mass produced can give "good" results.  

All springers require some dedication to technique to wring out the best accuracy with them.  Probably one of the least hold sensitive magnum springers I have found was the Diana/RWS model 54, but then, that is a rather expensive air rifle at $700.00