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Sounds like you need to meet up with another airgunner.

Perhaps consider NOT buying anything Dumham's sells ( at least online, only the NP ).

In your price range, again, RWS/Diana 34 in .177. The trigger -T06- will amaze you, you'll get to learn springer technique ( it's fun  and applies to all shooting) Dime groups at 25 should be very doable and d1" at 50 yards is realistic and, on sale it's in your budget.

 Did the person you "talked" with recommend a magnum rifle as well as .22? 

 Yes you will have to increase your knowledge of doping wind , that's airguns but you only need about 7fpe for 50 yard target, 12-14fpe is all you would need for your stated goal.


 TON's of screaming deals ( and some over priced as one would think) on used rigs these days.

Shop for price.

Either the gauntlet or the maximus ( have both) would suit you tho the gauntlet wins hands down $ for $. Tune it down to 10-12fpe and you would geta ton of shts. Not a thing wrong with some of the bottom dollar hand pumps these days either.  Hand pumping isnt bad at all.

If your willing to use Co2 ( temp changes fps) the QB78 now sells for $80.00 in some box stores.