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Sorry French_Guy,  Let me cover some terms.  MOA is Minute of angle.  Or, a "numbers" way of putting it would be… If a target is 100 meters away and your gun/scope/shooter combined can keep the center of all the bullet strikes within 1.047 inches… then a shot group is said to be 1 MOA.  A half inch group (center to center) at 50 meters is 1 MOA. 

An American Dime is about 0.705 inches, but my target distance was 25 meters.  Off the cuff, this would theoretically equal a shot group whose "EDGES" are smaller than 2.82 MOA, but then, that is not a center of the strike… so the actual MOA number would be better than that number.  You must allow for the width of the round 0.22 inches, and such.  So If I were guessing.  The first picture was probably about 2 MOA, not phenomenal, but not bad for one of the least expensive PCP rifles on the market.  

The modified Marauder I have is a sub one MOA rifle… but it cannot be purchased new for the $263 the Maximus can.  I believe you would consider it super accurate.  But full list on a Marauder is about 540 bucks, and I put an additional 300 in parts to improve it.  In other words, the price for an "super-accurate 50 meter air rifles is steeper.   You will find an occasional  air rifle which is just magical; it is cheap and shoots amazing.  But you cannot count on luck if you are seeking accuracy and repeatability.  

Most PCP air rifles operate off 2000 PSI to 4500 PSI normal atmospheric air, not CO2.  CO2 is at a much lower pressure.  A CO2 sources does you little good for filling a PCP air rifle.  Some scuba tank shops can help you, but many only go to 3000 PSI fills.  Paintball arenas are commonly found to provide around 4000 to 4500 PSI, and many Fire Departments have 4500 PSI to fill the air tanks carried by firefighters.  

Keyman, I would tend to agree that a stock Maximus is loud.  With the 6.5 inch TKO added, it is quieter than a desktop paper stapler when fired.