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This is what makes the sport so fun.  You pay your money and you litterally take your shot.  Could my $250 hatsan at44 win a national title?  Probably in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing, but am I going to win?  No way.  Im thrilled with a half inch group at 25 yards.  Will someone win a title with a gauntlet?  Im guessing probably not, but not because the rifle isnt capable of doing it, but because the shooter is not going to risk it, or not going to take the time to learn it.  When you plunk down 2k for a gun you expect the accuracy and the predictability that should be inherent in an expensive gun.  When you take a chance on a $250 gun you know (or at least you should know) that some time and pellets are going to be invested.  Does my wildfire shoot hole in hole?  No way but tell me its not a blast to squeeze off 12 pellets just as fast as you can.  I bring that cheap gun out everytime i shoot and blast thru 4 clips of pellets in under 2 minutes.  No im not looking for some amazing group, im just out there having as much fun as possible.  Now dont get me wrong hete cause I have a ton of respect for you guys that produce those amazing groupings and who can shot hole in hole day in and day out.  I would love to have the resources at hand to invest in a 2k rig and shoot lime that, but the reality is it just isnt going to happen in the near future, so I will just setup targets in the yard and sit on my porch and have fun