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I have the standard .22 Renegade and the .25 HP Renegade. They both are awesome guns and the triggers can be adjusted down to a hair (2-3 oz) if you want. I have shot well over 10k thru the .22 and about 5k thru the .25.  Had a magazine indexing pin break on the .22 but AOA had it back to me in two weeks. Only complaints I have are on the weight, they are a heavy BP compared to the Wildcat. Other complaint is on the recoil of the .25 HP, now I know pushing a 34gr pellet at over 900fps should give you some recoil but mine jumps like a 22LR. Compared to my WC Compact in .25 its night and day. My last issue I have is with Daystate and the cases they send with the HP. It's so narrow it wont hold a gun with a scope mounted. My standard Renegade came with the same design case but much wider and would accept any scope on the gun. The HP not so much, so why add the dollars to the cost if it's useless? Those 3 issues are all I have to complain about. The Renegade will shoot and shoot far too. My farthest shot with the .25 is 165 yards on a golf ball. The .22 will perform easily to 100 yards on starlings and provide easily 70 + shots. The nice part is I can use my renegade mags in my Redwolf so I didn't need to spend more money. Daystate makes a fine PCP IMO. My Renegades have sat for a few weeks with a new RedWolf and FX Compact arriving in June. Last thing don't go cheap on the 9volt batteries, a good Energizer battery will give you over 8k shots.