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I would agree that being accurate with springers is an acquired skill.  It also requires that you read, and listen to the excellent advice on this forum on how to shoot a springer well.  I had stepped away from shooting springers for so many years, it required I re-learn what I already knew.  If you pay attention to what people say about artillery hold, and finding the sweet-spot on the forearm guard to hold/rest it, you can get some surprising accuracy out of (even a magnum) springer.  This target is from a Benjamin Trail NP2 which is .22 caliber at 25 meters.  I didn't have a mercury dime at the time, and the nickel was oversized for the task.  

I am still waiting for him to define what kind of measurable accuracy he wants.  Hopefully he will express it in some fraction of an MOA, or X amount of error maximum at Y distance in Meters/Feet/Yards.  Then we will be able to have a real discussion with him on what kind of rig can meet his desires… and at What Cost.