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I brought my Yong Heng directly from China on Taobao which is essentially Ebay in China.  The name of the company is Yong Yi Heng Pneumatic Co., Ltd. as indicated in the link given by tunaboat above. There are quite many other suppliers of compressors of this kind in China, some of them are just traders and some are manufacturers. I believe Yong Yi Heng is a manufacturer as they can answer all my technical questions very well.

Just like the majority of sellers on Taobao, they have people standing by at all time to answer customers' questions via a Whatsapp-like instant messaging application. That's why people in China rarely complain about the lack of documentation. If they have any questions, just chat with the seller on line, the reply is usually instant .  My experience of shopping on Taobao is far better than Ebay and Amazon.