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If you ever want to upgrade to a really nice scope with super accurate turrets so you can dial in elevation for long shots go for a SWFA Super Sniper.  I just got one during the 7/4 week sale for $240 delivered.  Reg price is $300.  If you want a sale price watch them during the typical sale times like 7/4 week.  It is a fixed 10x with mil dot reticle and focus 10m to infinity.  Reticle is just the right thickness and once you adjust the ocular focus the reticle is super sharp.  I got the scope after my Hawke 2.5×10 was stolen in a burglary along with a several low dollar shotguns.  Im ok with a fixed 10x as I kept the Hawke on 10 almost all the time and didn't like its reticle as it was too fine for my eyes.  It was no where as clear as the SWFA.  Never got anything back as the local Sheriffs Office couldn't detect their butts with both hands in their back pockets. FYI the scope is made in Japan, not China.  I really like the idea of working up a dope chart of pellet drop then just getting the range and twisting turrets and not using mil dots.  But they are still there if you want to use them.  You can check all over YT to check out this scope.  Im wanting a long range 308 and will top it with a SWAFA variable when finances improve.  The variable models are quite a bit more.