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We had a great time, 8 shooters. Two shooters came out to see what it was all about and were promptly handed the club marauder. They came bringing three "gamo-ish" springers, nice enough shooters, but the club gun had the right scope, dialed in for the various ranges and a dope card.  They were quite impressed with the simplicity, and effectiveness of a dialed in PCP. They didn't shoot the match, but shot paper and quadrants at various distances. The smiles showed that they enjoyed themselves.   Hey, the first taste is free, right?

We had another first time Diablo shooter, with an Air Arms S510, who impressed with his consistency. We'll have to keep an eye on him, he made it look too easy.

The range did have a 53 yard target, but we dialed it in for fun. Rules included: best of three shots recorded. (Three attempts, if needed, per target, recording 2 max).

5 forced positions, but either kneeling or standing permitted.  Also, an arbitrary lane would be designated as the Daily Double. Scores in that lane were doubled. A friendly visitor picked the number 7, a 3 target forced lane. It was both a great boon for some and a "meh" doubler for others. The smallest KZ was 1", with the majority of holes 1.5". Yep, we broke out the pie plates!

Here's the scores- remember, although there was a possible, conventional score of 42, we did have a Daily Double- option.

Two first time pistol shooters, yours truly included, found that if the hole is big enough, it's possible to knock 'em down.

   Scores:  Possible 42

      PCP for all


Jack      47 (!)

     Rifle Hunter:

Dennis     38

Craig       44

Dana       34


Martin     40

Dana W.  28

I've a little video from today's (and some other) FT Shoot. Need a place to sling some lead? Come visit us, 3rd Sunday every month.

Silhouette, 1st Sunday…