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I agree with 2D1C completely! I just got a new .25 Crown about a week ago and have been experimenting myself. My gun shoots either pellet lights out to 50 yards and the 33.95 have a slight advantage out to 80yds. and I mean slight.  My gun is set at 140bar, .25-.30 and High and is shooting the 25.39gr. pellets at 945fps and the 33.95gr. pellets at 835fps. I know the 33.95 are supposed to have a better BC and buck the wind better but I haven't had a windy day to experiment yet. Frankly, they're both shooting great and I'd rather be shooting at 945fps. so I'm going with the 25.39 grainers until I need heavier pellets to buck the wind. I'm going to get DOPE on both so I can use whatever I want whenever I want. I just need more time. Have fun, you're going to love your Crown! Stoti