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I agree with the rest. Let him live if he's not causing problems. The situation here, however, is different. We have way too many foxes and coyotes in my particular area. The foxes tear up everybody's garbage on garbage day, and garbage blows around all the time. You have to wait till you hear the garbage truck coming down the street before you put out your garbage or the foxes will get it first and make a heck of a mess. There are so many foxes and coyotes that there are no pheasants anymore. They are rare as hen's teeth. The foxes and coyotes eat all the eggs. I'm gunning for both foxes and coyotes and taking a hell of a toll on them too with my hot rod Condor. The deer are pests here too. You can't raise a garden or fruit trees or raspberries or ornamentals without them soon being "pruned" for you. And worst of all, the coyotes follow the deer to town at night. They come within 60 feet of my back door. That unnerves me when I sit out at night. And the foxes are literally so tame that they come right past me when I'm sitting there. If one were rabid, I'd have no chance of avoiding him. I say "live and let live". But I can only live outside during the daytime. At night it's like a petting zoo around here. A very expensive one too.