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I'm a multi millionaire now from all those e-mails…………….not. I have even had them sent to my office. They obviously get some people or they would not do it.

I almost got scammed the other day. Be aware of this one. I had been chosen for Federal jury duty and totally spaced it off. Had a guy call my office and said there was a warrant out for my arrest because I didn't show. If I would come down to the courthouse and pay the fine he would help drop the charges. He said the fines were in excess of $3,000 but he could get it down to $800. Told him I was with patients and passed him off to an employee to figure out how to pay it ( I was working). Well the guy wanted a cashiers check and I had to come down now or the police would pick me up. I stated I was willing to pay the fine but it would have to be by credit card or I'd have to deal with it after work. He insisted that if I did not come now the police would be by my office shorty. Finally after much pressure by him I told him do what you have to do as I was not going to cancel patients. (I was very concerned about be hand-cuffed and taken out of my office). He stated that he would do me a favor and I could get the cashiers check and meet him at the courthouse at 6:00…………………..and he wanted me to call him back on my cell. He was quite believable with a southern boy accent. but the 6:00 at a government is what gave him away ( place is a ghosttown at 4:00). I damn near fell for it, as I did not remember what was suppose to happen for me being on a Federal jury selection. Actually called the Attorny Generals office and they stated they had been getting callls like this all day.