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Thank you all for the encouragement and congratulations!  I've been taking it slow, getting a feel for the gun: its weight, balance, and feel at my shoulder; its trigger (really nice out of the box); its sound, or lack thereof; and of course its accuracy.

@airslave, you are right – it takes a heapin' helpin' of self control to keep the peace at home and the funds in the communal checking account when the airgun bug bites.  I'm thinking of selling a kidney to finance the next steps.  Maybe My Treasure won't notice any more scars among the ones I already sport on my dorsal side.

@crusher, a great and timely bit of advice!  I have been getting about 60 shots per fill in the short time I've been testing and was wondering what adjustment(s) to try in order to up my shot count.  I am not into power, per se, so dialing it back to get milder performance and more shots is just what I'm looking to do.  Thanks for sharing your experience.

@snapshot46, I too have 25 yards to play with so this rifle is, for me, perfect.  I have seen so many shooters having great success with the Polymags but they seem to have a premium price tag for a non-hunter like me.  I am going to keep your advice in mind going forward, though, as it would be wise to have a proven hunting/pesting pellet on hand for the "you never know" moments.