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I used to have a .22 Mutant and now have a .25 Veteran.  They are both great guns and I don't have any complaints.  I do love the anti double load on the Veteran, so easy to just decock the gun and recock when you're ready to shoot.  No levers to worry about. 

I've not had my .25 long at all but so far I'd say my mutant was a little more accurate (but that could just be me and the fact that the .25 jumps a little more).

Machining and bluing are top notch and the gun loads and cycles butter smooth.  One thing I really like is the quality Wika gauge and not some sub par Chinese gauge stamped with a company logo (you make the airgun and let the gauge experts make the gauge lol).  Such a small thing but it is how an expensive air rifle should be!