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Thank you Haji.

I paid a short visit to this farm last evening.   While the resolution in this video is nice and clear, the slow motion isn't as smooth as it should be.  The app must have updated the best that I can tell, as normally I can set playback to 1/8 speed and have it be smooth, but the best I could do for today's footage was 1/4 speed for some reason……any slower and it doesn't look good.  

I'll keep working with the app until I figure out what's going on and get things back to the way they were.    I figured I'd make a short compilation video from this most recent visit.  I ended up with 10 pigeons before I called it quits on account of missing a handful of easy shots on starlings.  I put a few shots on a tree at 20 yards with no wind and each shot was off to the side by about one-half inch.

So I'll clean the barrel tomorrow and head to the range for some bench shooting to make sure she's shooting straight again.  🙂