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Let me add my welcomes to the club.  I too have a Marauder (25 cal.) that is only about 3 months old.  This is actually my second Benjamin product.  My first is a 22 cal pump of which I purchased when I was about 14 tender years of age.  I'm not even sure what model it is but it is definitely still functional as I am into my 7th decade now.  Having reached this point in my life I decided that I deserved a new air rifle and that is how I came to own the new Marauder.  Like you, I love the gun and shooting it.  I mostly shoot targets in my backyard at about 25 yards but once in awhile a woodchuck critter will wander into my sights and then, shame on him.  Sometimes them little red squirrels also pay the ultimate at the bird feeder.  Anyways I get your excitement and share the feelings.  There's nothing like holding a stock in your arms and sighting down a set of cross hairs.  Enjoy your new gun.

Let me just mention one more thing: I have real good luck with those PolyMag pellets  They are killer in my Marauder.