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so tonight when my son gets home ill try again to post some pics and vid that KEN sent me good stuff on the ldc for the RAW brand the vid shows KEN shooting a 177 crown 19 fpe against the HM1000x lrt in 25 cal 60 fpe  and the sound is nearly identical need to judge for yourself when i can get this on the thread,, also the pics are a maybe 2 to 3 inch adaptor attaches to the Donnie doo SUMO ldc  .. DONNIE told me today hes at SPAW putting some touches on the finish thing is the barrel are different sizes so there working on a universal fitting  1 size fits all type o thing the 25 barrel  has a OD of 16 mm the 357 is 15 mm and 30 cal is 14,74 mm,they are working on a slide piece so when we remove the oem moderator and shroud he will have a piece made to make the carbon fiber look seamless ,,HYNZIE    yahoo we been waiting for this  awesome