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It's been many years since I have seen one in the classifieds sections of the three forums I frequent.

FlyingDragon (the last importer I know of) does not list any on his site but he does list a B25 (RWS 34 clone) for $130 and would give it a basic tune for $40 or a full tune for $100. Those prices are before shipping as of today (July 2018).

Used guns seldom list for more than they were new and the B26 is in the same power class as the B25 so you could possibly use that as a guide to value. A tune by a known tuner can add value but that also is tied to how it performs currently. Another factor is the stock style, when these were common on the forums I saw many posts about the thumb hole stock that were not positive due to high comb.

If you've bought it for personal use they can be good guns and worth the time to become aquainted with.