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You have my sympathies. I was just as bad. Had to spend my half of the federal return to help pay bills, since turning 62+ 1 month as of May 1st, Ford cut supplemental out of my pension. Cheap pricks, I gave them 31 years of my youth, and all I get is a swift kick in pants and a hearty F-Bomb?! Seriously? Anyway, So June 27th SS finally pays off, 98% of my bills were paid…AND I get an extra 20 some bucks a month over what Ford was paying? Oh ho ho, DADDY'S  GOIN' SHOPPIN!

So I went to Pyramid Air and bought a set of Hawke mid rise scope mounts to lower the parallax on the 66AB Powermaster. Saw no rifle deals worthy of note. So I decided to look at Midway USA where I'd bought the Hatsan Striker 1000x .22 for $96. Looked at regular page, sale page, etc. Then I decided to look at the Clearance page before leaving. They had the new Crosman GuideHawk that Crosman sells for $250, Midway regular price $200…on 4th of July clearance for $70!!! I tried to stop myself, I said, " STOOOOOP!!!", but no…gimmygimmygimmy! 70 bucks for a 250 dollar rifle was just too good to pass up! Even my wife agreed that waiting for a good deal is often worth the wait! Wow…really? Cool!

Then I looked around one more time, and saw they'll have the Remington 725VTR in soon for $200! Oh yeah, baby! Been waiting months for this one. So I hit the button to be notified when it comes in. They did…and you can pretty much guess what happened next? So, I also had a set of Hawk mid rise Weaver scope mounts from a couple scopes my bud Ken sent me. So I swapped them in place of the see-through high Hawke mounts that came with it to lower the parallax a bit.  So now, I have 2 new rifles and 2 that got lower Hawke mounts to boot. I got yelled at by my wife for not splitting the 2nd half of the tax return, since the two remaining bills came up to 554 bucks. But she'll get hers the end of the month, and I also got a new set of Venetian blinds for the man cave windows to control extraneous light better. Caldwell chrono hates the extra light.