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John. I got the SIII about 6 weeks ago and it is the F/T model but not the Hector model.  It will focus down to 8 yards and dose range find very well but I have only looked through the ED scope off the gun (@ a Airgun Show) and have not used it at a shoot. I shoot Hunter class @ 16 power and can honestly say it is only slightly better if any better at ranging than my Hawke Airmax was!  I was told by a very reputable source that everyone is looking for the magical scope for 16 power use but that there really isn't one!! I paid up and bought the SIII but If I could do it over I would have probably gone a different route!  Nothing wrong with it but the price is a bit much in my opinion. I do wish it had a fully lighted reticle instead of just the center dot. I also liked the reticle in the Air max better than any scope I have ever used.  Hope you find YOUR magic scope!!  I have given up for the moment!!  Ha HA!!  J.L.