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I took a different route and arrived at a place where the rifle has no blowback or unlock issues. My route very simple to try and very simple to remove. I simply placed a 6X2.5mm ORing on the pellet probe. It is a very good and convenient fit as it bottoms on the probe shoulder and simply ensures there is no slack or clearance in the lock latch. By eliminating the clearance my lock functions perfectly.

Kiba shared with me he found there is an ORing in the frame that is sort of an anti-rattle device. I am not clear if this ORing could serve the same purpose or not, but it is very likely. It is a terribly inconvenient location to service or adjust.

First picture shows the ORing with the probe forward. Second shows how the ORing stays seated on the probe shoulder when cocking. Note the pellet is out of the magazine long before the ORing contacts the back of the magazine.

I am tuned to 59 FtLb and this is an amazing rifle. It is so good I am probably going to sell some others to fund a Lelya 2 in .22?