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First and foremost, awesome work getting the new permission, 2nd great shots and really productive day of pesting. Lastly, I completely understand and can relate to wanting the best quality product you can produce shared. It gets especially frustrating when you know that the equipment and execution can and has achieved it previously, I get that but I would like to say you are too hard on yourself, folks like me are watching very specific subject matter which is entertaining, original video content in the comfort of our own environments 100% free of charge, trust me no one is complaining else they need to pack up their video cameras, batteries, stands, tripods, microphones and hit the road to offer some content of their own. I sincerely appreciate the time, money and effort that goes into video production and thank you for sharing with the community. Most people do not realize what goes into a shot. I do and thank you for doing what you do, keep up the great work Bob.

@centercut – Loved the story +1 for you my friend.