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When did you buy your sightron? The FT model I own was bought in late 2016/early 2017 and has non of the issues you point out. Sightron fixed the parallax issue and the FT models now range from 10yd-55. On my 6" wheel the gap from 50-55 is a bit over 1/4". You can get a nicer sunshade for the same price as factory from Rowan Engineering. The temperature shift on my scope occurs at the same point every time so is very manageable,  That's not to say the Hawke isn't good either. I had the opportunity to look through one a couple years ago before they came out and I liked it. They hadn't been proven though when I bought my sightron.


Anyways good luck to the OP. I'm looking into the Aeon 10-50×60 offering for far less than any of the higher end scopes. I'll do a comparison with the sightron if I get the Aeon