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The factory spring is 0.218" OD x 0.325" tall (uncompressed) with 0.014" thick wire.

The cocking carriage has room for a spring with a max OD of 0.235"

The secondary spring I added was .175" OD x 0.014" wire. No known specs other than it came out of my "assorted spring bin" in my bin organizers. I grabbed the highest rate spring from the bin that would fit inside the factory spring.

I didn't have a suitable single heavier spring to replace the factory spring; they were all too big for OD, so I added the secondary inner spring. Going to a single heavier spring (thicker coils) means less travel before coil bind, and that's something you need to test for. If the 2x cocking levers won't rotate all the way back to their stop pins before the pivoting latch runs out of travel and the spring fully compresses, you need a shorter spring. Easy to test for with the cocking carriage out of the rifle.

Just shot another 2x fills (80ish pellets) through the rifle and zero unlatch/blowback events.