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I have not looked thru the Hawke scope in question but I do have a Sightron 10-50x FT model and not too impressed.  Its not a bad scope but quite frankly my Hawke 8-32x Sidewinder is as about as good.  My Bushnell 8-32x 4200 is clearer than both but front focus.  I would not buy the FT model Sightron again.  I would consider a non-FT model 10-50 Sightron for less money.  The wheel that comes with the Sightron is a 5" wheel.  The gaps are so small it's near worthless so I had to buy a bigger one.  Even with my 6" wheel the gaps at long ranges are super tight.  It doesn't come with a sun shade so I had to buy that.  It focuses to 8 yards but barely focuses to 55 yards (56 max).  It is very temperature sensitive.  If I had to do it over I would have bought a 35x or a 40x Leupold Competition scope for the same or a little less money.  Had the Hawke 10-59 been available when I got the Sightron I would have most likely bought it.  Good luck in your search.