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Hynzie and hawkeye69… thanks guys for the excellent advice.  Somehow, in spite of your warnings, I managed to discharge the rifle in such as manner as to blow the O-ring out of the chamber.  Urggghhhh.  I also made the stupid mistake of walking away from the rifle while it was on the back patio, just long enough for a wind that picked up to knock it over dinging the end of the moderator and necessitating a minor repair.  Double urrggghhhh.  

One more trip to Airguns of Arizona and, of course, the service and expertise shown to me was nothing less than fantastic.  After they replaced the O-ring for me, they were sighting it in again and noted the problem with the moderator due to the fall and will get it fixed right up.  I feel so fortunate to have AOA within a 50 minute drive… not really close by to me, but not too far away either.  I suspect that if I lived even closer to them, I'd be visiting Robert, Kip, and the crew on a VERY regular basis.  The shop and the personnel there are THAT good!  It could get costly!  But in a very good way.

Another great thing about the shop are the conversations with other air gun shooters there, who have a lot of knowledge and experience to share.  It could easily be an air gun "shooters club" down there!

As for the Brocock Bantam Hi-Lite .25 caliber and Emerald 5.5-25 x 50 scope… it has had no problem thumping prairie dogs at 60 yards off my back patio – and hitting them with quite an audible "THWAP".  Their recommendation for this air rifle and scope combination has served me quite well indeed.

The prairie dogs have been eating my prickly pear cacti and, no doubt, eating away at the roots of my desert trees. But in a few days, the Brocock Bantam .25 has reduced the prairie dog count by 14!  My cacti and trees are feeling significant relief already.