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I'm working on a video right now.  

I just transferred the files and saw that half of the videos are in 720p……WTH?!?!?!   I set the camera to 1080p to start the day but it obviously switched on me at some point during the shooting.   Should be decent either way.  I hope to have a video done before bedtime (have to get up at 5:00 a.m. for work).


Turns out all the footage was standard HD and 60fps…….sorry guys.   It would be hard for anyone to be as disappointed as I am right now.  But I'm trying not to let it overshadow what was actually a great day.  I'll make sure the app isn't glitching out next time.   At least with this permission being local, only 20 miles from me instead of 115 with my other permissions, I can make more frequent visits being I don't have to devote an entire day to it.

I will still visit the other farms on a regular basis, as there is more freedom and variety of shots there, as well as opportunities on woodchucks and coyotes.  And of course crow season starts August 1st so I'll be scouting out the spots I want to shoot from come that time.  🙂