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   The straw bales work great! I've got a piece of plywood leaning up against the bales on the backside, just in case a pellet were to make it through the bales. The only time I heard a pellet hit the plywood is when the pellet went between the upper and lower bales. My fault, I placed the target on the seam without thinking about that happening. Now that I'm aware and place my targets accordingly, I've never had it happen again.

   The reason I started using the hay bales in the first place was because the pellets hitting my old backstop were so loud. My guns are absolutely backyard friendly because they have DonnyFL moderators on them. All we ever hear is the hammer, valve and a little poof! They sound almost exactly like my boy's nerf guns! However, the sound of the pellets going through a thick piece of shaggy carpet and still thwacking the plywood made shooting in our backyard a little unnerving. All of my neighbors know I shoot on the property, we all get along great and we have a little over an acre in a very rural area. I still don't like hearing the gun or pellets impacting because it makes me wonder what the neighbors are "really" thinking. These hay bales were $4 each from a nearby farm and give me the piece of mind that there won't pellets ricocheting or making a lot of noise. Cheap insurance! Have a great day. Stoti (Kevin)