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Great news @bob_o. Similar story for me last weekend in Descanso, CA. I was shooting at a horse ranch permission that I’ve shot at for the last 1 1/2 years. I was taking a shot next to the dirt road that runs parallel to this ranch (about 20 acres) and the large ranch next door, probably ten times that size. I had just taken a very long shot (111 yards), while kneeling and resting the .22 Cricket mini Carbine on a fence. Well, here’s what happened next…

After the shot, I set the gun down next to the fence and walked to make sure the squirrel was dead.
The owner of the next door ranch drove up in his four wheeler and asked how things were going, and I said pretty good, and bent down to pick up the squirrel. He said he saw me shooting but couldn’t tell at what (those ground squirrels have amazing camouflage).
Then he asked from where exactly did I take the shot?
I point back to the fence, behind some trees and bushes.
He said… WHERE???
I said that wood fence, way back over there…
No shit?
Yep, 111 yards.
How do you know?
Laser rangefinder.
From 111 yards.. with an AIR GUN???
Yep, .22 caliber pellet, DOA. See the squirrel? See the head?
Yep. Damn, that was some freakin’ shot!!!
Yeah, a little lucky, since almost no wind…
Can I see the gun? (we ride back to where my gun was in his four wheeler)
Sure, take a few shots.
Wow, very nice, I need to get one of those.
Sure, let me know and I’ll help you pick one out. Probably break barrel to get started.
Cool, well, have fun, and you can shoot here anytime, the entire ranch (points over to his property)…
Great, I’ll let you know next time and bring a spare gun for you if you want.
OK, sounds good…

So now I have another permission, a couple hundred acres with LOTS of ground squirrel, rabbits, etc… And another shooting buddy.