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Likewise, I wanted to try Hawke FFP and found it's nice for the price.  Hawke ED or their Frontier line optic is notch above.  Having both now, for me FFP or SFP is not a decision factor when choosing a scope. ED clarity and brightness stays all the way to about 40x, it has the sense of "HD" image that I found lacking on the Hawke FFP.  Above 40x, still pretty good out to 75 yards. I mentioned the Frontier line for anyone on the fence, it's absolutely Hawke's best, image looked through that scope just "pop" – mine is 5-30×50 and at max it looks almost the same as any other magnification.  The drawback is parallax goes from 32 yards, but I put it on RAW .357 (160 ft/lbs) which I never shoot the RAW at any distance less than 75 yards so that works out for me, might not work for ones that shoot less than 32.  You can still use it at any distance, just won't be able to focus when zoom in.

Thanks for that feedback. 

Also, for anyone interested: the new Hawke Sidewinder FFP 6-24 x 56 scope is back on for $375!  Also, the Hawke Sidewinder ED (TMX) 10-50 x 60 is also listed for $619 at the moment!  These deals won't last more than a few days (maybe shorter if they all sell out)…