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Here's an explanation I pulled off of Steve's FB regarding a question he was answering on edit time.


Some can be in that range but not this type. When ya have a theatrical trailer type vid that has 6 different music scores in it… each about 2 minutes long, each 2 minute score is broken down into a collection of 1-3 second clips. Each clip's external frame is choreographed not only to flow from frame to frame but to the timing of the music in 1/100th of a second intervals. Within each frame, there's a shooter who's movements (cocking, loading, trigger pull, body movements) are also timed to the beat at 1/100th of a second… AND must also blend from frame to frame, for example one frame a shooter cocks and in the next a different one shoots or reloads. Then, each frame movement is manually created in post to tie the shooters movements to the music & theme. Each 1-3 second clip will usually have 4-8 manual post production movements put into it to accomplish this. As an example, the below clip has 5 points of manually induced movement in it. Then every clip is color corrected and overall speed/tempo altered to make things fit & line up. The real challenge isn't the above though… it's the cataloging & sorting & relocating of HUNDREDS of 1-3 second clips to where it has flow, makes sense, and tells a story. Like I said it's very time consuming… about 8 hours editing per minute of finished video. By comparison, my typical 15 minute airgun review can be edited in 25 hours or so. Those aren't bad but with 3-4 overlaying cameras they still take more time than one of my 30 minute vlogs, which can be edited in 3-4 hours. It all sorta depends but edit time has little to do final production length. It has more to do with the complexity of what one's trying to create.