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@blackdiesel – I'm not sure if I'm reading your question correctly but, the Royale series of rifles all use the same magazine. I'm referring to the "standard" size magazines. Those magazines will work in the impact as well. I think the Crown is the only one that uses a mirror image of the standard style of FX mag which makes it unique. Royale, Verminator, Streamline, Impact, Bobcat, Gladiator, Independence, indy, biathlon, T-12, and probably one or two more are all based off the same platform.

It's always been my opinion that the FX mag is the one weak point to their system. I've even said it directly to Fredrik and Johan. But, I understand why they had to make it the way they did due to the way the rifles work. I wish there was another way though.


Tom, I meant, as an example, can Streamline mags be used on Royales? Or can Impact mags be used on Crowns, etc.