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Thanks to all for the kind welcome to my next phase of addiction!  I put together my Benji pump, installed a Hawke Vantage on the dovetail rail, aired up the Mrod, filled my two magazines (I bought an extra with the rifle), and finally began shooting at 8 yards in my garage.  First round of shots went from 2700 psi down to 2000 psi and gave me 40 consistent shots at no particular target.  I might have been able to get more but decided to refill the air and see if I could go further.  Pumped to 2900 psi and began casual aimed shooting at 8 yards.  60 shots from 2900 down to 1750 psi, with lots of tantalizing signs of how good this rifle can be.  On the down side, my Hawke keeps wandering with it's POI; it got to where I decided to take it off the gun in favor of a 3-9×32 Barska I have on hand.  Now that is a disturbing development, but an addict's gotta do what an addict's gotta do.  I intend to take the action out of the stock and adjust the transfer port limiting screw to come closer to minimum release than factory preset.  My goal is to maximize my shot count at lower velocity without going so far as to compromise pellet stability in moderate wind.  In short, I want the Golden Goose and "I want it NOW!"  Saturday is going to be a hot, muggy day here in Central Indiana so I'm actually very glad the cheek riser on the Marauder stock is synthetic – I won't have to worry about water damage to the butt as I work to understand the hammer preload and stroke length adjustments.  See y'all on the range.